One to One


Is this course for me?

Whether you're new to digital photography; at an intermediate level looking to move things up or a more advanced photographer looking for guiding to the right locations, we can help.


At times, a One to One session will be more beneficial to you than a group Photography workshop or Photography Course. Join us for a half or full day to explore your potential and focus on areas matching your personal requirements.


We've delivered training on various subjects for many years and our core approach is to break complex topics down into simple, accessible and manageable chunks. Theory is minimised and practical learning maximised. This is all done in a relaxed but structured way.

The One to One option starts with us getting a good understanding of you the learner. Before your day, we'll get in touch to see where you're at with your photography and what your goals are. There's also an opportunity to share some of your images so we can pinpoint strengths and identify areas for development. We'll then develop a suitable plan for your day.

Course Aims

Aims are wholly determined by your learning objectives.


What will I learn about?

Again, the things that you'll learn about and the areas covered will be determined by your personal learning objectives.

Examples of what people choose to cover on their day:

• Beginners wanting a better understanding of their DSLR - getting out of 'auto mode'
• Looking to improve Landscape Images and  produce more striking compositions
• Help to get out of a creative rut and explore new ideas
• Moving away from clichéd photographic locations and getting 'off the beaten track'
• Exploring a specific technique/genre e.g. low light/night photography
• Help getting to remote photo locations. As a Mountain Leader, Rod is qualified and insured to get you to those locations - lots of other photographers aren't!


How long does it last?

The session lasts a minimum of 6 hours.

What about equipment?
Bring along your Digital SLR or Bridge Camera and instruction booklet. If you have a tripod and filters bring them along too. Pack clothing suitable for locations used (full details provided on booking).

Maximum group size
2 people. If you've a friend or partner with similar aims for the day we can accommodate two people.

Course Pricing
1 person - Half day £99    Full day £199
2 people - Half day £149  Full day £299


(There is limited availabilty for week days so best to plan well in advance if you require this).

1 person - Full day £260
2 people - Full day £350

* Course fee
* Course notes
* Free email enquiry service for 12 months after the course

These sessions can be arranged throughout the year. However, the number of dates available are limited so best to plan and book early to avoid disappointment. Contact us with your preferred dates and we'll try to get something sorted!