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Autumn Photography Guide
This free guide provides some helpful hints and tips to get you on your way this autumn.

A Beginners Guide to Landscape Photography
This guide is aimed at those looking to develop their photography - perhaps you've just bought a DSLR, or you don't feel you're making the most of what you have. Covering the ingredients for successful images:

* Preparation – Having the right kit, being in the right place, at the right time
* Technical - such as having a good exposure and focus
* Composition – Are elements in the image arranged in a pleasing way?

Landscape Photography Guide - 'Check List'
This small guide can be laminated in kept in your camera bag. It will help you:

1. Remember which settings you need to check
2. Think about setting up the shot
3. Review the image whilst still on location

Composition - field 'cheat sheet'
Another small guide that can be laminated and taken along in your camera bag. Remembering 'rules' and tips about composition can be tricky when you're actually out shooting photographs! With a simple top 10 list of things to consider, you can stay calm when that amazing scene in front of you is screaming out for a good composition.

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