Photography Workshop - Intermediate

The Lake District is perfect for Photography Courses, Workshops and Tours. This course for Intermediate Photographers is about moving your image making on and using tools and techniques to give your images the edge. A key element to creating better images is an ability to review and analyse - learning how to do this forms a large part of this day.

Course Aims
To develop your understanding and knowledge further in order to move your photography to the next level. To provide the time and support to help you assess your own work and understand the elements that contribute towards a successful image

What will I learn about?
• Optimising use of Aperture, Speed and Manual modes
• Improving image visualisation and composition
• Introducing more advanced tools/techniques to make images stand out
• Evaluating images and identifying successful elements within them
• Introduction to post-processing tools / techniques to optimise 'in-camera' images (weather dependant)

Is this course for me?
You've mastered the basics and are looking to step things up. You want to make more of your camera's capabilities and improve technical image quality. You might have hit a 'creative plateau' and want to move things on. Better understanding the anatomy of images and pin-pointing what does (and doesn't) work is a key ambition. If this sounds like you then this is the course to go for. Emphasis is on learning so walking distances will be moderate.

How long does it last?
The workshop lasts around 7 hours. We're happy to incorporate an early or late starts to give you a chance to capture a sunrise or sunset and make the most of “golden hour” light.

Equipment for you to bring along?
• Digital SLR / Bridge Camera
• Instruction booklet
• Any lenses you have
• Tripod
• Filters (if you have them)
• Packed lunch (weather dependant we may head to a pub/cafe for lunch)

Maximum group size
4 people

Course Pricing
£150 per person - includes:
• Course fee
• Any transport between locations once you're at our prearranged location
• Course notes
• Free email enquiry service for 12 months after the course

Fri 13th April 2018
Fri 11th May 2018
Fri 8th June 2018
Fri 13th July 2018
Fri 10th August 2018
Fri 14th September 2018

Contact us to arrange a suitable date or to find out more details.

Cotswold Outdoor Discount for course participants!

We've teamed up with Cotswold Outdoor to offer people on this course a special discount that can be used in any of their shops nationwide or online. We'll give you details of the code once your booking is confirmed.