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Photography Courses in the Lake District - late availability!
03rd April 2018 - 0 comments
We have a few places left on some of our April courses. If you fancy getting your camera up to the Lake District, why not take a look.

Gift Vouchers are available and make great presents!

13th April - Intermediate Workshop - LAST PLACE!

19th-20th April - Photography Wildcamp exped - 2 places left

25th April - Mountain Photography Day - 2 places left

28th April - Beginners Workshop - LAST PLACE!

For other dates or any other details, just give us a shout CONTACT

Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition - Good news!
06th March 2018 - 0 comments
I don't enter many photography competitions, but decided to give the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year a try this round time. It's a little different in that the main category considers a portfolio of images, rather than just a single one which I quite like the idea of.

A while back I found out I was a finalist with five of my images being shortlisted - Three making up a portfolio in the Overall Category final and the other two being shortlisted for the John Muir Award.

Rather unexpectedly (my images never seem to do well in competitions!) I've finished with my portfolio receiving a highly commended in the Overall category. This means the images will sit alongside other successful entries in the 'Official Collection 4 Yearbook' (available, ahem, at all good bookshops) as well being on display at one of the exhibitions taking place during 2018.

So, I've another excellent excuse to head back up to Scotland to have a look around the exhibition and maybe squeeze in a little bit of photography along the way.

I've pulled out the successful images, along with a little description. I've also picked others from my entry - alas, they couldn't all make it through!
cheers, Rod

Overall Category - Highly Commended

Monument, Stac Pollaidh, Inverpolly

A bleak December trip to this stunning landscape had yielded little light to work with. My long suffering partner and I had spent endless hours of darkness in the campervan over the course of a week. When it did get light, the conditions were lacklustre and this morning was no different until a brief burst of stunning light.
Piercing through the small tear in the cloud, the light was, very briefly, outrageous. Then to heap drama upon drama, the cloud moving above Stac Pollaidh momentarily seemed to reach down and almost converge with the summit.

It was one of those 'you couldn't make it up' scenes. I'd picked the wrong moment to be without my trusty tripod, so did my best with hand holding and bumping up the ISO. Ten minutes later it was all over and the sun disappeared for the rest of the trip!

Nikon D810, 85mm lens, f5.6, ISO 800, 1/125, -1.7 exp comp. Contrast adjustments, dodge & burn, tonal adjustments Photoshop & color efex pro.

Rainbow Castle, Ardvreck Castle, Loch Assynt, Sutherland

Driving along the loch, showers were quickly passing through and dappled light was shifting along the mountainside in the healthy breeze. I'd walked to the foot of the castle before realising that I was stood in the wrong place if a rainbow appeared. I can't claim any real powers of vision - we'd been seeing rainbows all morning and there was a good chance that if I waited long enough, one would emerge close by.

So, I backtracked about half a kilometre and framed up a composition with the castle and the shoulder of Quinag behind it. Twenty minutes later and I was treated to a rainbow perfectly framing and illuminating the castle. Result!

Nikon D810, 50mm lens, f8, ISO 400, 1/500. Lee Polariser. Square crop, Contrast adjustments, dodging, tonal adjustments Photoshop & color efex pro.

Shifting seaward, Achnahaird Bay, Coigach peninsula

I love this bay and have visited it four or five times now. I'd got images from here before and knew a good shot was on if the tide and sunrise coincided favourably. Unfortunately, camped up nearby the night before, my companions and myself had over indulged in some rather fine 12 star Metaxa brandy.

When light broke, I had to quickly (but slowly) get myself together and down to the spot I'd scouted out for the shot. The tricky bit was getting the surf pattern I wanted and there was lots of trial and error and this was one of two dozen very similar shots. Job done, it was back to bed with a cup of tea!

Nikon D810, 24mm lens, f14, ISO 100, 2s. 0.9 ND grad. Tripod. Contrast adjustments, tonal adjustments, spot removal Photoshop & color efex pro.

John Muir Award - Shortlisted

Protracted Pier, Traigh Niosaboist, Isle of Harris

A cycle tour of the Outer Hebrides allowed me to travel along at a leisurely pace and stop wherever the mood took me. I'd camped up for the night at this lovely spot and had a wander to think about some compositions. Early next morning, there was a delightful pastel tone to the scene and I had the whole beach to myself and the pontoon/pier stretching out in front of me.

Nikon D700, 18mm lens, f16, ISO 200, 1/8. Tripod. Lee Polariser 0.6 ND grad. Contrast adjustments, tonal adjustments, spot removal Photoshop & color efex pro.

Stac Pollaidh from The Fiddler Sgurr an Fhidhleir, Coigach peninsula, Ullapool

Some images mean much more to the author than they ever can to the viewer. This for me is one of those images. Even reaching the bottom of Sgurr an Fhidhleir takes a fair journey for anyone coming from South of the border (indeed, for many North of the border too). There's then a fair slog by foot from there on in to get up the mountain.

I'd planned a sunset shot from the summit but a shroud of mist refused to shift so I'd positioned myself at the Col where there was the odd glimpse through the mist. I'd spent three hours there and was close to the point of heading down because I was getting very cold. Luckily, the mist parted for a few magical moments and a splash of light on
Beinn an Eoin presented me with a shot. Not what I came for but a delight for me given the energy taken to get it.

Nikon D810, 50mm lens, f8, ISO 100, 1/15, Tripod. Cropped, Contrast adjustments, dodge & burn, tonal adjustments Photoshop & color efex pro.

If you'd be interested in a Photography Tour in Scotland, you can find out some more details here Glencoe Photography Tour - October 2018
The Lake District in Autumn - A unique photography break
23rd July 2017 - 0 comments
The Lake District in Autumn - A unique photography break
Read More
Never give up on trip to Scotland!
30th January 2017 - 0 comments
Taking a break from delivering photography courses and landscape workshops generally means me heading off for a trip somewhere, even if it's winter. This can sometimes be pretty tough going being cold, dark or wet. When it's all three of those things together, things get dispiriting to put it mildly. When it's like that for the nearly two weeks and your living in a camper van, it can just be plain miserable!

Knowing that there were 17 hours of darkness each day, combined with a pretty stinking weather forecast wasn't enough to put me and my better half off our planned trip up to the north of Scotland over Christmas and New Year. With a very loose plan, off we drove off on Christmas eve, stopping off around Edinburgh for a couple of days before making our way up to Sutherland.

When we pencilled the trip in the diary, we were picturing snow, ice, maybe even some nice clear skies for those northern lights - basically, everything a landscape photographer could want from a trip. Unfortunately, the weather forecasts were pretty much spot on and what we got was cloud, rain and gale force winds!

We persevered though and were lucky enough to get a few tantalising glimpses of Scotland putting on a spectacular show for us. Inverpolly and Assynt gave us about one hour of decent light over about 6 days - but for the brief time when it was present, it was perfectly packaged. On the journey back south, we had a lovely evening in Torridon and a cracking day in the Snow above loch Maree.

So next time you're in despair, give it a fair crack of the whip and you never know, that little bit of magic might be waiting just around the corner for you.

Photographers hide away - it's getting dark!
21st September 2016 - 0 comments

Tomorrow marks the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (and I don't just mean north of the Watford gap!)

So what? Well, it means that very soon our nightime will be longer than daytime and cuddling up on the sofa watching the telly will be the order of the day. Photographers across our half of the globe are collectively saying - "Oh no, it's time to put the camera away until spring!"

If you're not quite ready for that then why not extend your photography season and learn how to take pictures at night? I've been doing this a long time and it's great fun. Admittedly, it's trickier than daytime but with a bit of tuition you'll be up and running in no time and night images can be absolutely out of this world!

If you fancy learning it for yourself, check out the details here Low Light/Night Photography Workshop At only £65, it's definately not a shot in the dark! Cheers,


Ullswater Outdoor Festival - Guided Photo Walks
13th September 2016 - 0 comments
Ullswater Outdoor Festival We're pleased to announce that as part of the Ullswater Outdoor Festival, we'll be offering guided photography walks. Set amongst world class scenery, with views of mountains, waterfalls and lakes. You'll see some great locations and have a professional photography guide on hand to provide lots of hints and tips along the way!

Dates: 27th, 29th September. 1st, 2nd October. 9.30am-12.00pm
Meeting Point: Aira Force car park, Ullswater
Suitability: Moderate walking involved.Max 6 participants per session.
Tickets: £35 per person.

Contact us here to book
New Workshop Dates!
09th February 2016 - 0 comments
Here's next months scheduled workshops.

For dates beyond this, check our calendar HERE. For alternative dates, drop us a message HERE.

Beginners Workshop - 2 places left
Thursday, 18 February

1-to-1 Photography
Friday, 19 February

Intermediate Workshop - 3 Places Available
Tuesday, 1 March

1-to-1 Photography
Friday, 4 March

Beginners Workshop
Tuesday, 8 March

1-to-1 Photography
Friday, 18 March

Beginners Workshop
Tuesday, 22 March

Beginners Workshop
Thursday, 24 March

2 Day - Secret Lake District
Thursday, 31 March
Last Minute! Bank Holiday Photo Wildcamp
24th August 2015 - 0 comments
Mountain Photography Wildcamp Expedition - 29-30 August 2015

Stuck for ideas for a last minute adventure this bank holiday? How do you fancy a Mountain Photography Wildcamp Expedition?!

This is our ultimate photography experience, offering a unique and authentic glimpse into the secret side of mountain landscape photography! Mountains take on magical qualities from late evening to early morning - the time when you're stuck at the bottom of them, or tucked up in bed at your hotel! We'll get you away from the well worn photographic 'honey pots’ providing you with access to unrivalled, one-off photo opportunities.

If you're interested in Mountain landscape photography; want to get to grips with it's challenges and get some unique images, then this is for you.

For more details, see our information page
Canoeing shoot with Outward Bound in Scotland
16th April 2015 - 0 comments
We were up in Scotland the other week getting some shots of an Outward Bound Trust course. Here's a little video pulled together using a timelapse clip and some stills

Publicity shots, Ullswater, Lake District
08th August 2014 - 0 comments
Before the thunderstorms of today, we had a nice break yesterday and just had enough time to do some publicity shots for a well respected cycling provider up here in the Lakes.

Dan and Mhairi (triathlete/Iron man, member of Arragon's tri club) cycled up the hill as I dragged my camera gear along on foot.

I think we managed to get the shots Dan needed - keep your eyes peeled at Penrith, North Lakes train station - one of the images will adorn the new cycle storage facility there!

Nikon D810 out today!
26th June 2014 - 0 comments
Nikon have today announced the release of the D810, a Nikon FX-format digital SLR camera.

If you're coming on one of our Landscape Photography workshops in the Lake District with the new Nikon D810, then don't be suprised if I pay it lots of attention!This looks like it's an incredible tool for anyone interested in Landscape Photography in places like the Lake District.

An effective pixel count of 36.3-million pixels will produce the sharpest, best image quality in Nikon history. They've removed the optical low-pass filter (only an option on the D800e) and have adopted the latest EXPEED 4 image-processing engine.

The rest of the spec:

ISO 64 to ISO 12800 (and expandable outside this range)
Extremely accurate AF
Vibrations generated inside the camera have been reduced
Supports recording of smooth, extremely sharp 60p full-HD (1920 x 1080) movies.
continuous shooting at up to 5 fps with the FX-format image and 7 fps in DX

So, if anyone out there has one of these they'd like me to test drive feel free to contact me!

For The Digital Photography Review first impressions, click here
Two Day Photography Workshop 21-22 June
22nd May 2014 - 0 comments
Two Day Photography Workshop

We've got a couple of places left for the Two Day Photography Workshop (low-level). This is about moving your photography to the next level. You will get the time and support to help you assess your own work and understand the elements that make up successfull images. You want to make more of your camera's capabilities and improve technical image quality.

Daily Telegraph Write-up
12th September 2013 - 0 comments
Daily Telegraph Write-up

We had the pleasure of hosting Harriet O'Brien on one of our courses recently. Harriet wrote a piece for the Daily Telegraph about a Photography and Wild Camping trip with us in the Lake District.

The online article can be viewed at:

2013 Mountain Landscape Courses
22nd January 2013 - 0 comments
2013 Mountain Landscape Courses

We've a few scheduled Mountain Landscape Photography Courses left for 2013


5th – 6th October 2013
19th – 20th October 2013
2nd – 3rd November 2013

(Other dates are available on request)

The Mountain Landscape Photography course blends together the photographic and mountain skills required to get you Out There, beyond the well known and easy to reach ‘honey pots’ and into the mountains for those unique photo opportunities. If you’re interested in landscape photography and you want to get to grips with the unique challenges of making memorable digital images in the mountain areas of the UK this could be for you.

Course Aims
The course aims to show you the skills and techniques needed to capture stunning mountain images at the same time as covering the knowledge and practice you need to operate comfortably and safely in mountain environments. The courses are also about getting you into places you might not otherwise have accessed and giving you lots of opportunity to practice as you learn and get some memorable images to take home with you.

What will I learn about?
Photographic topics such as:

Equipment - What kit do we use, taking into consideration the need to carry this into the mountains?
Exposure - How do we control exposure and looking at creative use of aperture and shutter speeds and considering ‘depth of field’ and histograms
Composition - planning your shot and looking at the ‘rules’ and considering how to get balance and harmony in your landscape shots
Lighting - Considering the importance of lighting conditions for landscape shots and how this builds into our planning
Filtration - A look at the use of polarizing filters, Neutral density filters and Graduated Neutral density filters and why we use them
Advanced techniques – Getting the sharpest images, low-light photography, Hyperfocal distance, ‘exposing to the right’

Mountain skills covered such as:

Basic use of the map and using the map to help plan shots
Route Planning
Clothing & Equipment
Considering important factors such as weather during the planning of your trip
Hazards and dealing with emergency incidents

Is this course for me?
To make the most of the course you will have a basic understanding of how to operate your digital SLR and you’ll have a reasonable level of fitness (this is important as most of our time will be spent in the mountains). The emphasis will however be on learning skills and making images, rather than covering long distances and we’ll always adapt what we do to match participants needs and expectations.

For full details, please see our Workshops page.
Photography Blog Write Up
19th November 2012 - 0 comments
Photography Blog Write Up have done a write up of our Mountain Landscape Photography course.

Details can be found on their site at:

cheers, Rod
All weather landscape photography course!
29th October 2012 - 0 comments
All weather landscape photography course!

Well done to Andy, Kathy & Steve who took part in our recent Mountain Landscape Photography Course.

The weather was really kind to us on Saturday although it was a little chilly, as we went through some of the technical, compositional and creative aspects of photography up at Angle Tarn in the Far Eastern Lake District. Sadly, we didn’t quite get the evening light I’d hope for as the weather front moved in above us.
Landscape Photography course, Out There People

Landscape Photography course, Lake District, Out There People

The sound of Red deer Stags never quite left us all day.

On Sunday, we spent a little more time looking at fundamental hill skills such as navigation, equipment, route planning, emergency procedures etc – quite appropriate given the cool wet conditions.

Then we moved on to consolidate some of the photo lessons from day 1 and the guys went to work capturing some excellent shots despite the weather. Andy & Steve proved that with a bit of determination and imagination, you can get shots no matter what the elements throw at you.

(C) Steve Angus

(C) Steve Angus

Kathy focused on some 1 to 1 navigation tuition with Pauline and says she’s feeling much more prepared for trips in to the hills.

We finished off the day with lots of tea, biscuits and cake back at base and went through some of the image processing on the PC.

(C) Andy Rouse

(C) Andy Rouse

thanks guys for a really enjoyable weekend and well done on some great shots!

Rod & P, Out There People / Rod Ireland Photography