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Winter comes to the Lake District!
12th December 2017 - 0 comments
The long term forecasters suggested we might be in for a cold winter this season. Up in the Lake district we've not really had a 'proper' winter since 2010 when it was the real deal.

The Lake district in winter is perfect for photographers and it's been a proper start this December so fingers crossed that the conditions stay favourable throughout! Keep yourself nice and toasty though and if you're taking the dog along with you, keep them nice and warm too (found this site recently that's all things doggy in the lakes!

I've put a few winter pics below to give you a taste of what's to come. Get out there and get some great shots.

10% off Photography Gift Vouchers - Great Christmas present!
25th November 2017 - 0 comments
10% off Photography Gift Vouchers - Great Christmas present!

Why not treat your loved one to a Photography gift voucher? Can be used for Workshops, Tours and Photographic prints. It's that time of year when we feel you deserve a bit of a treat so all Vouchers purchased by 08/12/17 will get 10% discount off - includes all courses except those where accommodation is included.

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Autumn finally arrives in the Lake District for Photographers
03rd November 2017 - 0 comments
Hello and happy Autumn from the Lake District. It's been a funny old autumn for photography in the Lake District up to now. We had a few cool mornings a while back but it was only really last week that much started to happen - colour, chasing early morning fog around the lake district and Eden Valley. The weather hasn't been great and a lack of sunlight means colours have been subdued.

Ps - here's a free Guide to Autumn Photography

I've just started to pull together a few pictures from what I've taken so far and things are looking pretty decent.

I'm out leading an Autumn Photography tour next week and have got fingers, legs and toes crossed for some decent conditions for the week to come. There's still lots to see out there people!

Cheers, Rod

Love Landscape 2017 - Photography Exhibition
23rd October 2017 - 0 comments
Free Landscape Photography Exhibition, Askham Village Hall, CA10 2PF. Less than 10 mins drive from Ullswater in the Lake District. Open Saturday 28th to Sun 29th October, 10.30-5pm.

Yes, it's that time of year again when I dust of the old RAW files and see what the past 12 months of photography has thrown up!

I've pulled out a selection of my personal favourites which means there's an eclectic mix of everything from grand landscape vista's with snow capped peaks, long exposure seascapes and to close up 'landscape within' images.

The exhibition is free to enter and I welcome you all to have a pop in and have a good old natter about photography, places you've visited and life in general (just go light on the last bit!)

There's Coffee & Cake available (as well as tea for Northerners such as myself) as well as a selection of greetings cards, prints and framed images. Any of the prints on display can be ordered on the day for delivery within the next three weeks.

It'll be great to see you

all the best, Rod

Why do we enter Photography Competitions? Landscape Photography of the Yeat time again!
28th July 2017 - 0 comments
A blog post considering the Landscape Photographer of the year competion and photography competitions in general
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The Lake District in Autumn - A unique photography break
23rd July 2017 - 0 comments
The Lake District in Autumn - A unique photography break
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The Cumbria Photography and Video Show 2017
10th May 2017 - 0 comments
Once again, I'm thrilled to be involved in delivering The Cumbria Photography and Video Show 2017 at the Rheged centre, Cumbria this coming weekend (13th&14th May)

Last year was the first time that we looked to put on such an event and we had a fantastic response. Buoyed by this, we've put in lots of hard work this year to bring a fantastic programme of speakers, exhibitors and photographers.

On a personal level, I'm really excited about the event and can't wait to catch up with the photography community from across Cumbria, the North of England and the South of Scotland.

See you this weekend!


Photography beyond the Lake District - A Snowdonian odessy!
21st March 2017 - 0 comments
Taking a quick break from Photography workshops and tours in the Lake District is always a double edged sword. I get nervous once outside the boundaries of Cumbria into the big unknown! This trip to Snowdonia was a little different though as I'd spent four years there during my early twenties when I went to University in Bangor.

A rude introduction to mountains came when a friend led me on a walk up Tryfan - the first mountain I'd ever walked up, and what a mountain! Reflecting back, that was a pivotal day in my life and influenced many decisions I've since made, ultimately leading to me living where I live and doing what I do to this day.

The weather for the week was mixed and I had a few locations I wanted to explore again, but I was keen to go back to the quarries and industrial landscapes I'd paid scant attention to all those years ago. Now, with my photographers observational awareness heightened, going back with a camera and the sole purpose of taking photos would be an interesting exploration.

As always, I feel like I barely had chance to scratch the surface of the location I visited - so many subjects to indulge in, so little time. However, I've already edited a number of my favourite shots from the trip and have made a commitment to memory to return quickly - another trip in autumn might be on the cards!

Anyway, here's a few edits from the trip - I hope you find them interesting . Do let me know what you think!

cheers, Rod

Pop-Up Photography Exhibition, Glenridding, Ullswater
13th February 2017 - 0 comments
Ok, most of you will know that Glenridding, Ullswater has had a really tough time of it over the past year! The community and businesses there have shown amazing resilience in the face of some incredibly difficult circumstances.

That said, we'd hate for people to forget just what an inspirational special little corner of the lake district this can be. So, I'm putting on a two day 'pop-up photography exhibition' this weekend, 18th & 19th February at Glenridding Village Hall. It's completely free to enter and refreshments will be available. If you're around, pop in and say hi and enjoy some landscape photography images - we'd love to chat with you!

all the best,

Never give up on trip to Scotland!
30th January 2017 - 0 comments
Taking a break from delivering photography courses and landscape workshops generally means me heading off for a trip somewhere, even if it's winter. This can sometimes be pretty tough going being cold, dark or wet. When it's all three of those things together, things get dispiriting to put it mildly. When it's like that for the nearly two weeks and your living in a camper van, it can just be plain miserable!

Knowing that there were 17 hours of darkness each day, combined with a pretty stinking weather forecast wasn't enough to put me and my better half off our planned trip up to the north of Scotland over Christmas and New Year. With a very loose plan, off we drove off on Christmas eve, stopping off around Edinburgh for a couple of days before making our way up to Sutherland.

When we pencilled the trip in the diary, we were picturing snow, ice, maybe even some nice clear skies for those northern lights - basically, everything a landscape photographer could want from a trip. Unfortunately, the weather forecasts were pretty much spot on and what we got was cloud, rain and gale force winds!

We persevered though and were lucky enough to get a few tantalising glimpses of Scotland putting on a spectacular show for us. Inverpolly and Assynt gave us about one hour of decent light over about 6 days - but for the brief time when it was present, it was perfectly packaged. On the journey back south, we had a lovely evening in Torridon and a cracking day in the Snow above loch Maree.

So next time you're in despair, give it a fair crack of the whip and you never know, that little bit of magic might be waiting just around the corner for you.

06th December 2016 - 0 comments
Last month's special prize draw was a One Day Photography Workshop in the Lake District for two people! Many congratulations to the winner, Gemma Woodcock of Kent.

Fear not everyone else who didn't win, this months prize is a signed Landscape photographic print of Ullswater in the Lake District. This shot was taken as I was driving home from a day on the fells one autumn. I pulled the car up sharpish as I saw this serene vision in front of me.

To enter the competion, just pop along to our facebook site here

Good luck!

Photography article published in "Cumbria" magazine
01st December 2016 - 0 comments
As well as running photography courses in Cumbria and the Lake District, I can now lay claim to officially being a published author! John Manning at the 'Cumbria' magazine kindly asked me if I fancied writing an article on aurora hunting in Cumbria.

It's a while since I've sat down and really thought about writing something properly so it was a bit of a challenge. However, with a dictionary at my side and spell checker switched on, it all went quite smoothly! No doubt my old English teacher will be in complete shock at this turn of events!!!

The article is out in the December edition of "Cumbria" - Lakelands favourite magazine if you fancy a read.

all the best, Rod

Photography Exhibition - Lake District National Park Brockhole centre, Windermere
28th November 2016 - 0 comments
Photography Exhibition at the Lake District National Park Brockhole centre, Windermere.

As well as running photography workshops and courses in the Lake District, it is nice to occasionally get my own work up on display somewhere. So, it was lovely that the Lake District National Park asked me if I'd put on a pop-up exhibition at their visitor centre at Brockhole on Windermere. This rather grand old property has a cracking space in the restaurant annexe for displaying images (photographs, paintings etc).

Working with Fiona, Simon and Cat from the national park, I've managed to get 18 rather nice images (if I do say so myself!) on display. These are all images of the lake district, with half of them being from the recent 'lake district by night' project I undertook with fellow photographer, Jonny Marchant.

So, if you're nearby it's worth dropping in for a look and a bite to eat. The exhibition will be on until early in the New Year.

all the best, Rod

A favourite Lake district photography location!
21st November 2016 - 0 comments
A great thing about the Lake District is the many different photography locations available. Some areas are 'overdone' (queues of photographers lining up!) yet many others are beautifully peaceful.

Recently during some fantastic autumn weather, I decided to visit Martindale, a favourite nearby spot. Travelling along the quieter road on the south side of Ullswater, you reach Howtown with its steamer pier and the close by, 'Waternook' which is situated at the foot of Hallin fell ( - if you're after a special holiday retreat this place is stunning!).

I stopped at the top of the hause (pass) and made my way up the fell as I knew there was a temperature inversion that I'd climb above. I was treated to this rather fantastic scene which will stay in my minds eye for a good while to come.

Later, I moved further into the valley and had a walk into lonely Bannerdale to watch and listen to the red deer rut. The reward? Another 'keeper'! I suppose the 'moral' of the tale is don't just visit the honey pots, but try to explore other areas too!

take care, Rod
Gift Vouchers - Great Christmas Presents! 10% discount
10th November 2016 - 0 comments
Photography Gift Vouchers - Make great presents and we're giving you 10% extra free for a limited time!

If you're not sure about a present for a loved one, have you thought about a Photography gift voucher? Vouchers can be redeemed against:

*Workshops and Courses
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Available from just £10 and available for specific courses.

All vouchers purchased by 30th November will get 10% extra for free or a 10% discount off the cost of a course.

Contact us now for more details details.

Autumn photography tour in the Lake District
18th October 2016 - 0 comments
If you're in the Lake District / Cumbria for photography courses, workshops, tours or just out for the day, there's always something to see during autumn. It's definately one of the highlightes of the year for photorgaphers.

If out with a client just requiring photography guiding or a tour then I get the opportunity to take some shots myself (If I'm providing photography tuition, then I'm too busy!)

I was lucky this week in spending a couple of days out with a young photographer from London called Jethro. He just wanted guiding around some great locations (despite only starting photography seriously a year ago he's already very accomplished!).

We visited:
• Holme fell
• Hodge close quarry
• Calppersgate bridge
• Latterbarrow
• Rydal Water
• Derwentwater
• Surprise view, Ashness
• Honister pass
• Buttermere
• Latrigg above Keswick

Here's a few shots from the two days!

Happy autumn,


New timelapse video - Above Eden Valley at Night
10th October 2016 - 0 comments
When I was out recently capturing images of the aurora (or trying to!), I took a spare camera out with me to capture some timelapse sequences. As nothing was happening on the aurora front at the time, I decided to point my camera across the Eden Valley in Cumbria from high up on the pennines at Hartside.

Here's the little sequence that I got. cheers,Rod

Great start to the Aurora season in the UK!
05th October 2016 - 0 comments
We've had a flying start to the elusive pursuit of aurora hunting in the UK this season. Just into October and we've already had several consecutive days of aurora being visible. Obviously the further north you are, the better your chances of seeing a display.

I'm based in the Lake District and we get to see a reasonable share up here each year. During the recent storms I've been out for four nights and managed to see the lights twice. 50% is a pretty good hit rate for me!

Luckily, I was over at Bamburgh in Northumberland the other day and was in the right place at the right time to see a lovely short display which peaked for no more than 10 minutes. Ok, it's not Iceland or Norway but seeing the northern lights in England is still a fantastic experience.

Here's a short time-lapse from the trip - note the fantastic lighthouse and it's distinctive 'surprised' look!

If you're interested in learning about Low Light and Night Photography, check out our workshops here
Photographers hide away - it's getting dark!
21st September 2016 - 0 comments

Tomorrow marks the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (and I don't just mean north of the Watford gap!)

So what? Well, it means that very soon our nightime will be longer than daytime and cuddling up on the sofa watching the telly will be the order of the day. Photographers across our half of the globe are collectively saying - "Oh no, it's time to put the camera away until spring!"

If you're not quite ready for that then why not extend your photography season and learn how to take pictures at night? I've been doing this a long time and it's great fun. Admittedly, it's trickier than daytime but with a bit of tuition you'll be up and running in no time and night images can be absolutely out of this world!

If you fancy learning it for yourself, check out the details here Low Light/Night Photography Workshop At only £65, it's definately not a shot in the dark! Cheers,


Ullswater Outdoor Festival - Guided Photo Walks
13th September 2016 - 0 comments
Ullswater Outdoor Festival We're pleased to announce that as part of the Ullswater Outdoor Festival, we'll be offering guided photography walks. Set amongst world class scenery, with views of mountains, waterfalls and lakes. You'll see some great locations and have a professional photography guide on hand to provide lots of hints and tips along the way!

Dates: 27th, 29th September. 1st, 2nd October. 9.30am-12.00pm
Meeting Point: Aira Force car park, Ullswater
Suitability: Moderate walking involved.Max 6 participants per session.
Tickets: £35 per person.

Contact us here to book