Mountain Photography Wildcamp Expedition

The Lake District is perfect for Photography Courses, Workshops and Tours and the Mountain Photography Wild camp Expedition is our ultimate photography experience! It offers a unique and authentic glimpse into the secret side of mountain landscape photography! Mountains take on magical qualities from late evening to early morning - the time when you're stuck at the bottom of them, or tucked up in bed at your hotel! We'll get you away from the well worn photographic 'honey pots’ providing you with access to unrivaled, one-off photo opportunities.

If you're interested in Mountain landscape photography; want to get to grips with it's challenges and get some unique images, then this is for you.

"On a pragmatic’re on the spot in a staggering location at sunset and sunrise...on an emotional level, you feel that you almost become part of the landscape: you’re not simply arriving, taking a few pictures and leaving"
Harriet O'Brien, Daily Telegraph

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Course Aims
To show you the skills and techniques needed to capture stunning Mountain landscape images.

What will I learn about?
Photographic topics such as:

• Equipment - What kit do we use, taking into consideration the need to carry this into the mountains?
• Exposure - How do we control exposure and looking at creative use of aperture and shutter speeds and considering 'depth of field' and histograms
• Composition - planning your shot and looking at the 'rules' and considering how to get balance and harmony in your landscape shots
• Lighting - Considering the importance of lighting conditions for landscape shots and how this builds into our planning
• Filtration - A look at the use of polarizing filters, Neutral density filters and * Graduated Neutral density filters and why we use them
• Advanced techniques - Getting the sharpest images, low-light photography,

Mountain topics such as:
• Basic use of the map and using the map to help plan shots
• Route Planning
• Clothing & Equipment
• Considering important factors such as weather during the planning of your trip

Is this course for me?
To make the most of the course you will have a basic understanding of how to operate your digital SLR. Carrying camping & camera equipment is physically demanding and you should have a good level of fitness.

How long does it last?
The course lasts two days, with one nights wild camping. The beauty of a wild camp is you get two chances at capturing images during the best light; around sunset and sunrise - but we can't guarantee the weather!

What about equipment?
Included in the cost of the course, we will supply the following:
• Maps & Compass
• All wild camping equipment
• Camp Food / drinks

Equipment you’ll need to bring along:
• Sturdy waterproofed boots
• Waterproof top and trousers
• Pair of warm gloves and a hat
• Warm extra layer
• Drinking bottle for water
• Rucksack big enough to fit your kit in
• Your personal camera equipment

Where are the courses held?
The courses usually take place around the Ullswater area of the Lake District. If you book as a group we're happy to look at other venues to match your requirements.

Group size and instructors
To ensure you get the most out of the experience and the attention you deserve, we limit this course to four participants (if you have a larger group, please contact us and we'll arrange something for you). Running these courses is only possible by having coaches with combined skill sets in landscape photography and mountain leadership.

Course Pricing
£289 per person - includes:
• Course fee
• Equipment
• Course notes
• Free email enquiry service for 12 months after the course

Doesn't include transport to our agreed starting point, or your personal insurance.

Dates Currently Available
19-20th April
26-27th May
23-24 June

Contact us here if you want more details or would like to book a place


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