Low Light / Night Photography Workshop

The Lake District is perfect for Photography Courses, Workshops and Tours. But what about when it's dark? Just becuase the sun goes down doesn't mean you need to put your camera away - you can still take great landscape images! This hands-on 3 hour workshop covers the essentials needed to get you out doing some great Low Light or Night Photography If you're REALLY lucky, you might even get to see the Aurora like I did when making this time-lapse video on Kirkstone pass!

Course Aims
The workshop is aimed at developing your understanding and knowledge of low light / night photography and will cover all the fundamentals required to make images at night.

What will I learn about?
* Understanding what kit is essential for night photography
* Camera settings to use in low light
* Composing images in darkness
* Light trails
* Getting exposure right
* Using Manual mode
* Light painting

Is this course for me?
To make the most out of this workshop, you should have a good understanding of your camera's controls and settings and have expperience of using it out of it's auto mode.

How long does it last?
3.5 Hours

What about equipment?
You'll need to bring:
* Digital SLR / Bridge Camera
* Instruction booklet
* Tripod (essential)
* Remote shutter release if you have one
* Warm clothing, including hat and gloves
* Torch - preferably a head torch

Maximum group size
6 people

Course Pricing
£65 per person - includes:

* Course fee
* Course notes
* Free email enquiry service for 12 months after the course

The first scheduled date is Wednesday 4th October, 7-10.30pm then every following Wednesday. Meet up points: Pooley Bridge or Theatre by the Lake, Keswick.

As we get later into the year the start time will be earlier. Additionally, sessions can be run on demand between late September and early April subject to us getting a minimum of 2 participants per session.

Contact us here if you want more details or would like to book a place

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