About Us

Providing Photography Courses, Workshops and Tours in the Lake District gives me a great excuse to spend time doing what I love - thinking about and sharing the gift of photography with others.

In combination with my photo interests, I hold the Summer Mountain Leader Award and have completed my Winter Mountain Leader training. I'm also a John Muir Award holder as well as being CRB checked. I work with both individuals and groups of all ages, helping to connect them to the outdoors through the medium of photography.

I'm a curator for "The Cumbria Photography Show" which had it's debut at Rheged in 2016 and will be looking to develop this into a premiere event on the photography calendar.

Background: Moving to Wales in 1995 from a Northern urban environment helped me appreciate that the UK is blessed with a variety of sublime and inspirational landscapes. The mountains of Snowdonia shook me, sparking an interest that's shaped my life ever since. In 2001, I was lucky enough to get the chance to move to the Lake District, helping seal what’s become a lifelong passion for getting into the landscape to discover, explore, learn and capture images.

I believe Britain is blessed with powerful and inspirational landscapes, places that can transport you from the stresses and toil of modern living, to an elemental place where things are thrown into simple, stark relief - ourselves, the landscape beneath our feet and nature around us. Trying to capture that is elusive, but that's what I strive for each time I pack my camera bag an head out.

I try and take a purposeful approach to photography from initially conceiving an image, through to the planning and final execution of the shot. This can sometimes take weeks or months to achieve, waiting for the right conditions to appear (lots of times, they don't!)

My love for both Photography and the outdoors are inextricably linked, one fuelling the other. What I learn in one sphere helps inform the other. Together these interests have helped me develop a broader appreciation and understanding of the environment and I try to communicate this in the landscape images I produce.

Here's to our amazing variety of British landscapes, the most incredible gift to all of us on our little Island!