Residential Photography Workshops

The Lake District is perfect for Photography Courses, Workshops and Tours. But what if you want to make a holiday of it? We work in partnership with a number of accommodation providers in the Lake District to offer Photography Holidays (for example, see our partners, Hall Hills with their beautiful accommodation. If you’re interested in landscape photography and you want to get to grips with the unique challenges of making memorable Landscape images, this could be for you. By the end of the workshops, you'll go away with some great images you’ll be proud of.

Course Aims
To provide you with lots of opportunity to capture images in the stunning surroundings of the Lake District National Park and if you're still learning, develop skills and techniques along the way

Is this for me?
Most of our time will be spent outdoors, with the emphasis on getting you to the right places at the right time to capture some great images. For those of you who also want to develop your skills and knowledge, Rod will always be on hand to help you.

To get away from the honey pot locations, there is some walking required so a basic level of walking fitness is required. To get the most from the course, a basic understanding of the operation of your digital SLR is useful.

What will I learn about?
Shooting alongside Rod, a Lake District resident, you'll benefit from his extensive knowledge of the area, developed both through photography as well as his Mountain Leadership background. As someone who completed the 'Wainwrights' (list of the main lake district fells) over a decade ago, Rod has literally trod through and over the entire area, often finding photographic gems hidden away.

For those wishing to develop skills and knowledge, Rod will always be on hand to help answer your questions such as:

• Equipment - What kit do we use, taking into consideration the need to carry this into the mountains?
• Exposure - How do we control exposure and looking at creative use of aperture and shutter speeds and considering ‘depth of field’ and histograms
• Composition - planning your shot and looking at the ‘rules’ and considering how to get balance and harmony in your landscape shots
• Lighting - Considering the importance of lighting conditions for landscape shots and how this builds into our planning
• Filtration - A look at the use of polarizing filters, Neutral density filters and Graduated Neutral density filters and why we use them
• Advanced techniques – Getting the sharpest images, low-light photography, Hyperfocal distance, ‘exposing to the right’

What happens during a 'typical' workshop day?
After an early shoot, we’ll head back to the accommodation for a well-earned breakfast. Then, it’s back out for the day to capture images. In the evening there will be the chance to look at a few of the day’s images from each participant, as well as looking at post processing with software such as Photoshop.

The main aim for each day is to get you to great locations we’ve carefully scouted out, at the right time to make the most of the light that’s available. As a landscape photography course we can head out at both dawn and dusk to give us the best chance of getting some great images (Late and early shoots are totally optional - this isn’t a boot camp!)

What about equipment?
Camera Gear you'll need to bring:
• Digital SLR & Instruction booklet
• Tripod
• Any lenses you have
• Any filters you have e.g. Graduated Neutral Density Filters

Personal Gear you'll need to bring:
• Sturdy waterproofed boots
• A waterproof top and trousers
• A pair of warm gloves and a hat

Group size:
To ensure you get the attention you deserve, residential workshops are limited to 6 photographer participants.

Residential workshops are held at different Lake District locations during the year. Simply contact us for dates and to find out more details.

Cotswold Outdoor Discount for course participants!

We've teamed up with Cotswold Outdoor to offer people on this course a special discount that can be used in any of their shops nationwide or online. We'll give you details of the code once your booking is confirmed.